Stéphane Courrèges - Biography

I have been a consultant oenologist for fifteen years, I have made wine in Australia and Chile and for the last twelve years, I have been advising winemakers from Bordeaux.

Through my professional experience I have meet men and women, passionate about their land and their craft. The expression of each grape variety and the tasting of each wine have stimulated my curiosity.

Enriched from these multicultural experiences, as much on a human level as from the wines themselves, I decided to create different, original wines: Corazon, Terroir de Courrèges, Sacrés Français and Miss Courrèges.

I wish to propose a new way of presenting wine by associating tradition, modernity and originality while keeping in mind that to open a bottle of wine is above all a moment of pleasure and conviviality.

                                                                        Stéphane Courrèges