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Wines COURREGES WINES at Paris :)





Map of the appellations AOC Bordeaux

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Yesterday I had a lunch with my friend Isabelle. Of course we took about wines and I realized that she was confused about the different appellations in Bordeaux. I explained her that there 57 appellations in Bordeaux area and I showed her the below map. She appreciated it a lot :)

So I wanted to share it with you :)





Grape variety

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Today I would like to talk about grapes varieties

There are many  grapes varieties around the world. In Bordeaux area the 2 major grapes varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Cabernet sauvignon is a famous grape variety. It provides wines with a tannic structure and intense color.

Merlot, meanwhile, offers  suppleness, roudness and fruity. The Merlot grape grains are larger than those of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Look at the 2 pictures :)

In all our wine we combine these two grapes varieties. This technique is called blend. This blend is done by Stéphane. During a very technical tasting , he decided the percentage of each grape variety that he will put in the blend.


This blend  will enable these two varieties to reveal, to highlight their qualities and values to form the wine you taste .




Le petit mot d'Akima

2014 colorful vintage !

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Dear Friends,

As you know this year the grapps were well ripe and great aromatic. Thanks to the expertise of Stéphane, these grapps became a colored  and beautiful wine !!!

keep in mind, 2014 will be a nice vintage :)

verre vin_resized

Le petit mot d'Akima


Autumn colors

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Dear Friends,

That’s it the harvest  are over !!

The new wine is fermenting in vats and the vine dresses its autumn colors. In the vineyards we have beautiful colors of yellow, brown and red. Look at that  :)

Vignes en automne 1_resized_1

Le petit mot d'Akima